You are being asked to make written contributions to our Soul Food Info-Letter. Soul Food is very different
from a newsletter. Newsletters generally focus on news events. Soul Food focuses on ideas, concepts,
principles and practices that when chewed upon (mentally) and digested (again mentally or intellectually) will
help to strengthen and empower us as a community and as people. Soul Food is to provide us with morsels
of information and wisdom that will guide what we do, not just what we know about.

Your written contribution should fall within one of the vital interest areas listed below. Try to keep your
contribution relatively short. You might consider listing references or inserting links where additional
information might be found. Try also to provide information that is
not time and place sensitive; information
that can be used at almost any time or place.

Not all material submitted can be used. The Soul Food team will review all submissions and evaluate them
based on our overall mission. - Thank you so very much.
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