During a lecture on October 3, 2005 in Atlanta, Prof. Yaa Ngemi of the Congo compared the few among
us working to free the African mind to a few grains of sand on an entire beach of ignorance. He talked of
the hard and time consuming work of going from grain to grain trying to impart knowledge. Prof. Ngemi
called on us, with the help of God and the ancestors, to create one huge
“Flood of Knowledge” that
would turn the beach of ignorance into a beach of knowledge. In response to his call, the
Burn To
Learn CD/DVD Campaign
has been launched. Because of modern digital technology, in particular the
CD DVD, coupled  with the Internet, such a “Flood” is within our ability to create and sustain.

The CD and the DVD (CD/DVD) have become very popular forms of information/media storage and
exchange. The CD/DVD can become a very powerful way to inform and empower our people around
the world. Millions of our people have CD/DVD players; in their cars, homes and as portable devices.

The aim of the campaign is to have millions of our people receiving empowering information on
CD/DVDs from many sources as part of a continuous
“Flood of Knowledge”.  The campaign seeks
to attract thousands of individuals and organizations from around the world to join and follow the simple
steps below:

            Burn To Learn!

Step One: Evaluate information on CD/DVDs in your possession and/or on CDs you receive from the
“Flood”. If you consider the information as positive and you feel that it would stimulate growth and
development among our people, take the next step.

Step Two: Burn as many copies of these CD/DVDs as you can afford and give all of them away to
members of our community. Print and copy the
CD/DVD Cover/Flyer from this site and include it with
each CD/DVD. Special Note: Do not burn/copy any CD/DVD that is or may be copy-written.

Note: Many of us have powerful information in our collections that should be used to help inform and
encourage our people. When you find material to add to the “Flood”, follow the step above and give
away as many copies as you can afford. Again, do not burn copy-written material.

Join the Flood:

Click here to join with others in a massive flood to inform and empower our people globally. Little is
required of each person or organization that joins the flood, but the combined effects of thousands
burning and giving away positive material on CD/DVDs can change our world. –
Remember, the most
important battlefields are in the minds and hearts of our people
. Join the Flood now!

*As soon as you join, you will receive additional instructions via email.

CD/DVD Cover/Flyer: This link will open a page with two (2) cover/flyers for the CD/DVDs that you
burn. Print this page and make as many copies as you need. Cut out each Cover/Flyer and place one
with each CD/DVD that you burn.

The Flood of Knowledge Burn To Learn CD/DVD Campaign is sponsored by the
African Community Centers for Unity and Self-Determination, Inc.

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