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> If you don't, who will?

The African Community Centers for Unity and Self-Determination, Inc., the sponsor and host
of the 10-10-50 campaign, is an Atlanta based non-profit agency/organization. Its only
mission is to build and maintain a permanent (intergenerational) system of unity among our
people. We call this system "Functional Unity".- All donations to the African Community
Centers are tax deductible.

As part of the comprehensive plan to establish the African Community Centers, our funding
base is and must always be individuals, organizations and institutions of the African (Black)
Community. How could we justify building a core tool of Unity and Self-Determination for
African People and then appeal to other communities and people for funding. - We
understand totally that if the African (Black) Community is to own and control this vital
institution and process, we must take full responsibility for its funding.   

"Committee of 100,000" (100K)
As the primary funding source for our efforts, the African Community Centers have
established the Committee of 100,000 (100K). -  In the process of sharing the Blueprint for
Functional Unity and 10-10-50 with our people, we will (over time) identify 100,000 +
individuals, businesses and organizations that will commit and faithfully donate a minimum of
.33 cents a day($10 a month) to help fund the African Community Centers for Unity and Self-

Your commitment means everything! Each person, organization or business that joins the
Committee of 100K adds more than money to this effort. With your commitment you are
saying that you stand with the African Community Centers in building “Functional Unity” and
that you understand that without a strong and dynamic system of unity, we have no chance
of victory.

Please choose your support level:
$10 Monthly
*$25 Monthly
$50 Monthly
One Time Donation
*The $25 level is the preferred level. If you can afford to give at the $25 level or more,
please do so. Any amount, of course, is welcomed and grately needed.
*To mail in your donations,
Make check or money order payable to
African Community Center
Mail to:
African Community Centers
3079 Campbellton Rd. S.W. Suite 114
Atlanta, GA 30311

*Note: Please never send cash.
* What we do with our money (who we spend it with and what we donate to)
is the most telling indicator of our determination to be free
of economic exploitation and social domination.
*Special Note: When processing your subscription
with a credit card or bank/debit card, look for this line
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