Community Assembly / Mbongi
(Purpose and Overview)

The African Community Centers for Unity and Self-Determination were established in 2003 for the
single purpose of building and maintaining an intergenerational system and infrastructure of Unity for
our people globally.  We call this system Functional Unity. The details of the Functional Unity System
are outlined in a special presentation called the “Blueprint for Functional Unity”

Among other things, the Blueprint for Functional Unity calls for an assembly of the Community to take
place every three months. This assembly is to bring together members from various organizations
and institutions involved in the empowerment of our community and people. The assembly provides a
platform for organizations and institutions to highlight what they do and for networking and
information sharing.

The Community Assembly also provides an opportunity for the African Community Centers to provide
a progress report to the Community and for the Community to give feedback to the Centers and the
Functional Unity Process.

The Community Assembly provides an atmosphere for all of us to get better acquainted with each
other and to recharge and rededicate ourselves to the work of building our Community. The
Assembly also provides an opportunity for brothers and sisters who are not connected with any
community effort to get involved.   
Videos of some of our past
Community Assemblies