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Type = Multi-Dimensional Hamonic Synchronistic Ancestral Healing techniques using
Olmec/Mayan Cosmology. Full Comprehensive Galactic Purpose Signature Chart, Life
Coaching Consultations, Classes, Workshops, Lectures,

Healera Name = Wanique Khemi Tehuti Shabazz
Credentials = Ambassador for Peace, Foundation for the Law of Time Director Emeritus and
Community Outreach and Public Affairs Liason, Natural Time Scholar, Keynote Speaker, Life
Coach, Director of Operations/WRFG 89.3 FM Radio, High Priest Keeper of the Sacred Flame

Contact = Sacred Woman Auset Etznab Aswad
Hours = Natural Time
Address = 620 Peachtree Street NE Suite #707 Atlanta GA 30308
Email =
Website =
Phone1 = 404-447-4768

Details = As a father and grandfather himself, Wanique Shabazz, throughout his extensive
studies on alternative healing modalities, has acquired the additional insight to enable him to
assist others with finding that internal element blocking total health and wellness.

As a Scholar of the ancient Science of the Harmony of Nature, Brother Shabazz guides and
coaches individuals as they navigate this life experience  through the awareness of their
mental, emotional, spiritual and soul 'bodies' . Acronymed the 'MESS' our
Physical bodies are most likely in. Through individual coaching sessions as well as group
workshops and lectures people are able to cross over into a new paradigm of total awareness,
realizing that healing is a multidimensional affair.

While one can do everything possible to maintain physical health, most often miss the
detrimental effects that the mental or emotional 'bodies' have on overall health and
well being.  For instance, many are unaware of the hidden and oft times buried emotional
resentments  carried within regarding our parents. More people than not are having inner child
issues that go unresolved sometimes for a lifetime and continue to reverberate generation
after generation.

While working with the harmonies of Nature and simple geometric and mathmatical techniques,
Brother Shabazz has mastered the art of purging these hidden emotions and mental thought
processes that must be caught at the earliest age possible before becoming seated in the
consciousness and DNA of a person causing stress and disharmony compromising the
persons entire immune system and resulting in illness and eventually death. When the
emotions and mental thoughts are addressed and given proper guidance as food, health and
wellness can be experienced as a long and fulfilling life.

Testimonials from young and old have described the 'ah-haaa' moments and shifts
in consciousness and wellness experienced after a lecture, workshop, and ongoing life
coaching given by the energizing and motivating words and wisdom of Wanique Khemi-Tehuti
Shabazz. Wanique Shabazz is an Ambassador for Peace, a title bestowed upon him by the
Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace for his work with the Foundation for
the Law of Time: Thirteen Moon Calendar Peace Change Movement.  He is also awarded the
titles Director Emeritus and Community Outreach and Public Affairs Liaison for the Foundation
for the Law of Time in February 2006 by founder Jose' Arguelles aka Valum Voton
Introduced to the concepts of "Natural Time" through intensive study with world renowned
Gynecologist and Meta-physician, Jewel I. Pookrum, M.D. Ph.D.  
Natural Time Scholar and Keynote Speaker, Wanique Shabazz has lectured extensively
throughout the United States and abroad on the importance of healing the Universal Feminine
Energy through Natural Time by returning to the 13 moon 28-day cycle of Olmec-Mayan
Brother Shabazz in association with the Pan Atlantis Crystal Core Team (PACCT), the Law of
Time Peace Change Movement and WRFG 89.3 FM radio, commissioned the Atlanta City
Council in 2005, resulting in July 25th being proclaimed 'Global Peace Through Culture Day'
an official citywide Holiday in commemoration of the Day Out Of Time  (a Global Olmec/Mayan
In 1992 He established Melanin 6, Inc.T The Health Emporium offering lectures, workshops,
classes, webinars, Galactic Purpose Signature (GPS) Charts and Personal Life Coaching
using the cyclic Olmec/Mayan Cosmology System as a self healing and wholistic initiation  
system realigning with Nature for optimum wellness.  Melanin 6 ( birthed
Cosmic People Time Network© partnering with sister company Sacred Sistrum Productions©
as the multi media branch producing DVDs, Documentary films, TV series and other
Edu-tainment products and services.  Wanique Khemi-Tehuti Shabazz is Director of
Operations at WRFG 89.3 FM. ( Atlanta's Community Radio Station for
Progressive Information  reaching an audience of approximately 1.5 million and an
undetermined number accross  the world wide web.  On the air for 16 years Brother Wanique
Shabazz is producer, engineer and host of the popular program M.A.P.P.T.I.M.E JAZZ
(Metaphysical Answers Personal & Political T!
ruths Inside Musical Edutainment) on WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta from Sunday midnight until 6am
Monday morning.
Wanique Shabazz is an appointed board member of  the African Community Center for Unity
and Self Determination, sits on the Policy Committee of Sevenanda Natural Food Coop and
honorably serves as High Priest: Keeper of the Sacred Flame Eagle  of the Nu Altamaha
Yamassee Nation.
INFORMATION, Appointments and Appearance Schedule

*References = The Foundation for the Law of Time, WRFG 89.3 FM Radio, Sevenanda
Natural Food Co-Op, The African Community Center for Unity and Self Determination.

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